Manufacturer of different sections of UPVC profiles

Ready to accompany from the beginning of the project to the final completion

Ready to accompany from the beginning of the project to the final completion

Provide written warranty for products

Each stage of Altun Plus production is tested by the quality control unit in the company's laboratory

?Why Alton Plast


Our goal is to ensure continued quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Customer Orientation

We fulfill all the demands and expectations of our customers with our range of products.

Quality production

By following the latest technology, we provide efficient and quality production.


Our main goal is to protect the environment and reduce energy consumption for the future.


Some of our prominent clients

Certificates and honors

Alton Plast has always tried to progress, upgrade and maintain the quality of its products, in accordance with national and international standards and regulations, and by producing quality products to satisfy its customers, it has won 14001 and 45001 and honors such as the title , 10004, 10002, in this respect, certificates such as ISO 9001 in the 9th and 10th Popular Brand Festival from the point of view of consumers, the statue of the 11th “Iranian Popular Brand” festival of customer satisfaction, the sign of management merit from the Ministry of Safety, the statue of the model unit of the province Khuzestan and… and still trying to achieve other certificates, honors and progress.